Some Ways Entrepreneurs Can Change Social & Economic Stories

Many people who make the company’s new non-profit and nonprofit businesses can and must do this sort of thing that the President-Elect tend to ignore, negate, or avoid. Employers can secretly change the story, one organization at a time, the government may or may not.

Here are ten ways the founder of the business to be able to change the way implied by what we know of the intentions of Donald Trump. They are all under the authority of our own, not the government. We can:

Active appreciate the economic and social needs of disadvantaged groups and consider how our own organization can make a difference-or start a new one can be; at least ensure that our own organizations do not contribute to harm;
became curious about the underserved rural population and negatively affected by the political, economic and technological change-and examine ways in which our organization can make a positive contribution, including the offer of products, services or jobs;
create an inclusive policy of gender, gender identity, race, national origin and religion; offers all employees of dignity and respect, providing health care, parental leave, clear policy on sexual harassment, and the opportunity to participate in decision-making and share the success of the organization;
take the opportunity to participate in the life of local communities for mutual benefit, through direct community involvement, as well as the support employee volunteering; are involved in community-supported;
evaluating all organizational practices that can contribute directly or indirectly to climate change and to introduce ways that will reduce pollution; trying to be powered by clean energy and move to zero waste;
ensure that the salary ratio between the highest and lowest paid members of the organization do not exceed 20: 1 (as in 1965) to reduce the financial gap, given that the ratio between the average American CEO salaries and wages of workers now 303: 1;
Checking the consequences of all purchasing decisions, to avoid the pain and difficulties, either within the organization or the supplier of local and global communities; behavior of suppliers of research on the socio-economic parameters;
committed to supporting lifelong learning of all members of the organization, regardless of where they start or what position they hold-through development of internal and external qualifications;
employing financial policy socially responsible that do not harm any party, both near and nationally, as well as avoiding unscrupulous practices or serve yourself, such as avoiding repatriate foreign profits;
story building progressive companies are widely communicated as reflected by the behavior of everyone in the organization and procedures enshrined in all official organizations; regularly monitor its reality.