Basic online Lead Generation for Small Business Owners …

web offers an excellent opportunity for marketing and promotion, but the competition is fierce. How can you generate leads in a competitive environment with little or no previous experience? Let’s start with the basics first. Discover the 3 steps you need to take and how to do business correctly.

1. Content Is Key

The big question is how to attract visitors to your website and make them willing to seek more interaction with your business. You might suspect to answer: high-quality content that is optimized for search engines.

What kind of content? Content for lead generation should be designed to target potential customers who are in the first two phases of the buying cycle and probably in the third. This means that your content should be focused on creating a need for your product (phase 1), in educating consumers about it (stage 2) and help them compare different options (phase 3).

What type of content is best? Articles and blog posts are still fundamental for online lead generation. However, you will also benefit from the use of high-quality video. Tests have shown that it can lead to an increase of more than 30% in enrollment. Photos are important, especially if you are presenting a physical product.

Do not forget to use social media to promote your content. Includes most, Facebook and Twitter, and those that are popular with your target audience.

2. Irresistible Offer

The goal is simple – to make them an offer they can not refuse. There are various options, depending on the type of products or services you offer. These include free gifts, access to valuable content, free trials and discounts.

Study your target market well to get a proper idea of what makes them fit in with your business. You can also check what your competitors are doing and try to beat their offer. It pays to use psychological triggers such as a limited time offer that helps you create a sense of urgency.

Devote sufficient time to create a call to action. Use keywords that attract and make them great. Make sure that the CTA stands among the rest of the content on your website.

3. Registration with No Hassle

Ask for less and you will get more. It is a rule of thumb to follow when creating registration forms for online lead generation. In most cases, the name and email should be quite perfect for small business purposes. If you want more information, you can get it after you build a personal relationship with the prospect. If the registration form is used to create an account on your website, it is best to make the sign-in with your email and password. By eliminating steps required to create a username, you will reduce abandonment rates even further.

Another important thing is to avoid giving the user several options when they will sign up. This can cause confusion and will increase the risk of them leaving. Make things simple.